Terras Gauda Black Label, 2015

Terras Gauda Black Label, 2015  Terras Gauda Black Label, 2015 0
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Vinícola: Terras Gauda
País: Espanha
Região: Galicia > Rias Baixas
Tipo: Branco
Uva(s): (70%) Albariño   , (18%) Loureiro   , (12%) Caiño Blanco  
% Alcólico: 12.5 %

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A wine of an amazing aromatic gamut. An initial appreciably fruitiness marked by white fruit aromas such as Golden apple and pear, layered over hints of lychee, mandarin orange and peach, interlaced with delicate chamomile flower notes. In parallel, subtle French oak notes come forth, with hints of pastry cream, melted butter and fresh-baked bread providing greater complexity. This wine fills the palate with its great structure and character whilst also adding freshness thanks to its excellent fruity acidity. It reveals itself to be full, enveloping, foretelling a great longevity. Great finish on the palate full of ripe, honeyed sensations along with smoky hints of the fine woods in which it was stored.

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Terras Gauda Black Label

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