Castell Miquel Sweet

Castell Miquel Sweet  Castell Miquel Sweet 0
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Vinícola: Castell Miquel
País: Espanha
Região: Isles Balears > Mallorca
Tipo: Tinto Doce
Uva(s): Merlot  
% Alcólico:

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It is only a whim of nature that makes the maturation of such an exquisite sweet wine possible: Long after all other grapes have been harvested, there are still a few vines of the Merlot variety with overripe grapes on the “Stairway to Heaven” wine terraces of Castell Miquel. Under the strict supervision of oenologist Núria Tudurí, they continue to develop after the summer ripeness until they are finally harvested by the winemaker herself. These little treasures hardly have any water left in them – instead, they have developed an intense natural sweetness. Extremely careful processing, lots of experience and time are the other ingredients used to make this delicacy from the raisin-like grapes. The sweet wine is not ready until 4.5 years of ageing have taken place in the barrique barrel – and anyone who has ever been allowed to taste it retains it in their memory forever.

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Castell Miquel Sweet

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