Bosque De Matasnos White Label, 2015

Bosque De Matasnos White Label, 2015  Bosque De Matasnos White Label, 2015 0
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País: Espanha
Região: Castilla Leon > Ribera del Duero
Tipo: Tinto
Uva(s): (2%) Garnacha   , (2%) Malbec   , (5%) Merlot   , (90%) Tempranillo  
% Alcólico: 15.0 %

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Deep garnet colour, clean and bright. A really intense aroma, firstly with notes of ripe red fruit, plums, cherries… and hints of raspberries and blueberries. Movement of the wine reveals more complex aromas, such as spices, with hints of nutmeg, cloves and balsamic laurel, thanks to its ageing in French oak barrels. Also, in turn, appear caramel, coffee and tabacco. Intense. The first impression is of the harmonious balance between acidity and tannins. The flavour proves to be big and complex and you can again appreciate the balance between the fruit and the spices and toasted notes produced by the ageing. Firm with well?structured tannins and with a broad aftertaste evocative of the first aromatic impression.

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Bosque De Matasnos White Label

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