Carmelo Rodero

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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Ribera del Duero

Endereço: Crta. Boada,
Pedrosa de Duero , Cep:09314
Telefone: +34 947 530 046


Chef executivo:


Carmelo Rodero is the fourth generation of a family of growers from Pedrosa de Duero in Burgos (Ribera del Duero). His great-grandparents used to produce wine in the old and traditional winery until his grandparents founded the Cooperative of Pedrosa de Duero. Sticking to the tradition of his family, Carmelo Rodero started growing his family vineyards and after a few years he decided to stand on his own two feet growing his first 50 hectares (123.5 acres) and selling the grapes to the mythical winery Vega Sicilia during 14 years. Being aware that a great wine is based on the quality of the grapes, Carmelo decided to bet on his future and founded Bodegas Rodero in 1990. He is particularly proud that since the first vintage in 1991, all his wines have been awarded in the most important fairs and tastings (not only in Spain but also worldwide), which acknowledges their quality. Supported by his wife, Elena, Carmelo realizes that he was right showing enterprise, as now his daughters, Beatriz and María, very much involved in the winery, also joined him. Beatriz, his eldest daughter, studied Agricultural Engineering in Spain (specialization in Viticulture) and Oenology at the University of Bordeaux (in France). She is now managing the technical department. There is no doubt she inherited the passion for the vines and the wine from her father. Everything started with vineyards. Step by step we bought land, planted vines instead of cereals, always in the neighbourhood of Pedrosa de Duero, and nowadays we own 103 hectares (254.5 acres) of vineyards. Pedrosa de Duero, located in the heart of the D.O. Ribera del Duero, is the southernmost area of Burgos with vineyards around 750-850 metres above sea level and a specific climatology with periods of slight Atlantic and continental influences. Extreme climatic conditions, which play a decisive role in the quality of the grapes and the style of the wines. Area with usually mild temperatures, except from December to March, when low temperatures together with strong winds are characteristic of the cold season. However, the summers are hot with poor rainfall (approximately 400 l/m2), which is an extremely important factor for the viticulture. Even though most soils are clayey, we may also find calcareous ones, poor in organic matter and slightly alkaline. Pebbly, silty and sandy are the soil types we may find in this area. The usual planting density is around 2500 vines per hectare in the plots of the area, with an equal distance between each vine (lengthways and breadthways), so that the vines are perfectly lined up to be able to comfortably do all the vineyard work. Depending on the canopy management and its different ways to prune and train the vines, we may find wire-trained as well as bush vines. The first method, more traditional and closed, to protect the grapes and the second one, more dynamic, with which we have a wider and open leaves layout for a better aeration. One of the most important assets of Bodegas Rodero is that we only produce wine with our own vineyards. The oldest ones, owned for many years by the family, have the purest clone of our indigenous grape Tempranillo, called Tinto Fino. With this clone we grafted all the vineyards we've been planting. We harvest around 500.000 kg per year.


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Carmelo Rodero

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