Château Gilette

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País: França

Região: Bordeaux > Margem esquerda > Sauternes

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Preignac , Cep:33210


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The story and creation of Chateau Gilette dates back to 1710, when two, well-known Sauternes families got together through marriage. The Numa Medeville family married family Marie Despujols, the daughter of another famous family in the region, Lamothe Despujols. The couple was given the estate as a wedding gift from Lamothe Despujols. they received vineyards, Chateau Gilette and Chateau Les Justices. The estate has remained in the hands of the Medevile family for generations. Chateau Gilette is perhaps the most unique Bordeaux wine produced in the Sauternes appellation. The wines of Chateau Gilette are released on average, between 20 and 25 years after the vintage! The wine remains in tank for close for almost 20 years before it’s even bottled! At that point, Chateau Gilette ages the bottled Sauternes wine for an additional 3-5 years! This was not always how the wine of Chateau Gilette was made. Prior to World War 2, they made wine like every other property in the region. When the war was over, Rene Medeville found they still had wine in their tanks that was left over from the 1930’s. Rene Medeville likes the results so much, he was inspired to continue allowing the wine to age for extended periods in cement vats. The 4.5 hectare Sauternes vineyard of Chateau Gilette is located in the commune of Preignac. The walled in vineyard has a terroir of gravel, sand, rock, limestone and clay based soils. The vineyard is planted to 85% Semillon, 10% Sauvignon and 5% Muscadelle. To produce the wine of Chateau Gilette, the wine is fermented and stored in small, cement tanks that range in size from 20 hectoliters up to 40 hectoliters. The wine of Chateau Gilette does not see any new or used oak during its extremely long aging period. The aging can take up to 25 years before the wine is released. This is unique to Bordeaux and to most of the wine producing world. It was the unique idea of Rene Medevile to begin this unique aging process for his wines. The long aging in cement vats has not always been how the wines of Chateau Gilette were produced. In fact, at first, it was not a choice, it happened by accident when the owner of Gilette, Rene Medevile joined the army during World War 2. When he left for the war, he told his family not to touch the wine and to leave it resting in the cement vats. He would take care of the wine when he returned. The family liked the results so much, they simply continued their unique, extended, long aging process. Chateau Gilette is only made in select vintages. In fact, Chateau Gilette has gone years without producing a wine. For example, no wine was made in 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 or 1995. Currently, Chateau Gilette is managed by Julie Gonet-Medeville and her husband Xavier Gonet. Xavier Gonet is also known for Gonet Champagne. The family also own Chateau Les Justices in Sauternes as well as other Bordeaux properties. The best vintages of Chateau Gilette are: 1990, 1989, 1988, 1986, 1983, 1976, 1975, 1971, 1967 and 1959. Chateau Gilette at its best is filled with tropical, honey drenched fruit and spices. But the wine lacks vanilla, coconut or custard scents, as well as some of the fatness found in many Sauternes, as it was not aged in French oak barrels. Depending on the vintage, this Bordeaux wine gains complexities with additional bottle age, which is amazing, considering it’s already close to 25 years old by the time it’s released! However, in some vintages, the fruit drops with age and it’s not as much fun to drink with time.


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