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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Tierra de León

Endereço: Calvo Sotelo, 4
Valdevimbre , Cep:24230
Telefone: +34 987 304 149


Chef executivo:


Don Melquiades Álvarez founded in 1908 what his grandchildren Melquiades and Waldo would convert, halfway through the last century, into what is now Melwa, which as a social reason is the result of the union of the first syllables of their names, but above all of the work of three generations of vitivinicultores within the family nucleus. Juan José, Pedro and Carlos dedicate time and effort to this activity today. And they do it with renewed criteria, those long ago assumed in the commitment to quality winemaking, and from the still recent availability of more and better technical means and a scenario according to the volume of production: a large winery attached to the traditional built in an open hole in parallel on the fall of the slope pierced two centuries ago. It is a real bunker armed on the profile of the slight slope of the environment. Thick walls and concrete cover ensure an ideal interior temperature for processing and storage. The base of development is the own vineyard, sixteen hectares planted in espalier twenty years ago, and twelve leased. The vintage of these vines and those of another twelve hectares leased or committed provide the basis for the production of the two lines of table wines -the historical Melwa white, pink and red and Pago de Rozas only pink and red- and the quality that commercializes the winery. The launch two years ago of the first aging Valle Gudín was, due to its quality, a boost for the winery's manufacturing activity, to the point that it has renounced the six-month barrel in favor of a aging process that doubles the time and with which customers of this type of elaboration are rewarded (only 3,000 bottles).


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