Finca Constancia

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País: Espanha

Região: Castile - La Mancha

Endereço: Camino del Bravo,
Otero , Cep:45543
Telefone: +34 902 440 077


Chef executivo:


Finca Constancia is a cutting edge winery which is the product of González Byass’ extensive experience in winemaking, concrete proof that their business is wine. The estate is located within the municipality of Otero in the province of Toledo and was purchased by González Byass in the year 2000. On the basis of an exhaustive study of the soil and the climate the vineyards were planted with indigenous and international varieties most suited to the local conditions. Construction of the new winery started in February 2005 and the building opened its doors on 23rd May 2006 The concept behind Finca Constancia was innovative in Spain: the amily wishid to create an integrated winery and vineyard similar to the traditional Châteaux in Bordeaux. The winery is bordered to the north by the Sierra de Gredos and to the south by the Montes de Toledo, in the basins of the Tajo and Alberche rivers. Standing 90 Km from Madrid, the winery is in an ideal place for cultivating vines, where the potential to produce quality wines is considerable. The landscape is undulating and there is significant variation of soil types. There are appreciably different microclimates too, to the extent that our 82 parcels are each different from the other. Precision viticulture is practised on all these plots or “parcelas”, which contribute extraordinary complexity to the wines. The soil is mostly deep and well drained but retains water in the subsoil aswell. The soils range from moderately acid to low through to very high alkaline. The texture of the soil is very varied too: it can be loam, sandy loamy clay, loamy clay or clay. All the soils are deep, contain a good percentage of organic matter and have no problems with salinity. The climate where the estate is located is extreme continental Mediterranean, with cold winters and hot summers, whilst during ripening the diurnal range is considerable. This is due to the proximity of the Sierra de Gredos and its Almanzor Peak which rises to 2500m. It is snow covered during the winter, which cools the air and creates the sharp differences in temperature. Rainfall is moderate, some 500 litres a year and is very scarce during the ripening period. As a result the vines are seldom attacked by fungal diseases and the grapes are therefore healthy, with crops being of very even quality.

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Fernando J. L.


Ciempozuelos, Madrid

4 star rating
23/08/2013 Primeiro Avaliador
From 2006, avant-garde, perfectly integrated in the landscape, in the midst of the vineyard. 200-230 Ha. of different grapes

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Finca Constancia

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