Vinos de León

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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Tierra de León

Endereço: La Vega,
Armunia , Cep:24009
Telefone: +34 987 209 712


Chef executivo:


The name of Vinos de León winery sums up that for a long time meant to be the only winery located in Southeast of León province. It began its path in the middle 60's, by the union of a group of local winemakers with the aim of recovering then the missing noble variety Prieto Picudo, which finds its domain in the Southeast of Leon grounds. In Pajares de los Oteros was located an old vineyard of Prieto Picudo, with a very low production but which adjusted to its demands for making excellent quality wines. In 1975 the wine “Don Suero” was released in the national market made of 100% by Prieto Picudo old vine. Due to this great feat something changed forever in León region, the enologic potential of Prieto Picudo variety began to expand out of local borders. In 2007 Vinos de León winery increased its facilities opening in the top of Monteleon State (Valdevimbre) a new and modern winery. This beautiful state has a little forest of hundred-year-old holm oaks and oaks which give to the the winery a great beautiful landscape, ideal for winetourism. The state global surface is 217 hectares, 57 has. being of vineyard and the rest is cereal.


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Vinos de León

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