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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Tierra de León

Endereço: La Socollada,
Valdevimbre , Cep:24230
Telefone: +34 987 304 307


Chef executivo:


In the year 2000, The De Paz Tampesta brothers decided to focus on the viticultural tradition of the Valdevimbre region, which is in the south of the province of León. This region has the greatest amount of vineyards with the native Prieto Picudo grape, which dominates the image and personal character of the Tierra de León D.O. wines. This varietal is distinguished by its densely packed grape clusters and its pine nut-shaped grapes, with a blue-black skin; with such an intensely fruity expression that it seems like a fragrance on the vine. This varietal gives us a well-structured wine, intense, concentrated and very aromatic. Our winery fits into the harmonious decor of the traditional regional caves, but with modern installations and excellent technical systems. Our vineyards are located in the idyllic Las Lagunillas, renowned for the quality of its land. Currently, approximately 80% of our vineyards are dedicated to Prieto Picudo grapes, and the remaining 20% Tempranillo. This is how we have achieved wines with their own personality that also show off the best characteristics of the Prieto Picudo, Albarín and Tempranillo grapes. In the Albarín grape variety, the bunches are small and the grape is firm and has an intense flavor. The skin is strong, which gives the grape a good aroma and essence. The wine can reach a high alcohol content and good acidity level, which allows us to create a resistant, long-lasting wine. The cultivation method is based on the traditional viticultural knowledge. Further, we've incorporated the newest technologies, starting from the first moment of plantation on the trellis, until the harvest of the grape. The techniques used for manipulating the grape, the grape juice and the wine, and for controlling the fermentation and preservation processes, are the most important factors in obtaining the highest quality in our wines and letting them have their own personality. Belonging to the Tierra de León D.O. and in line with the enological concerns of our team, we have been able to take a step forward in the process of elaborating quality wines, with an expressive fruitiness and an intense bouquet.


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