Marqués de Terán (Regalía de Ollauri)

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País: Espanha

Região: La Rioja > Rioja

Endereço: Ctra. Nájera, Km. 1,
Ollauri , Cep:26220
Telefone: +34 941 338 373


Chef executivo:


The winery is located on a hill in the highest part of the town. It is a real balcony with views of the Ebro Valley and the Sierra de Cantabria, the Sierra of La Demanda and Ollauri and its vineyards. Its structure perfectly integrates with the landscape, following the traditional construction of the vineyards' area that presides over the high part of Ollauri, a mound whose slopes have traditionally been used to excavate its characteristic depths. The architecture of the building has been conceived for a Bodega whose production system is the most avant-garde in La Rioja and one of the most advanced in the world. For this purpose, 80% of its surface is under the hill to make the most use of gravity for the reception and transport of the grape. The commitment to quality and technology is maximum. Sheltering tradition from modernity, moving to the future while maintaining the values of a hundred year-old history, discovering new ways of reflecting our essence these are the best tools to ensure that our dream remains alive. To offer an exquisite treatment of the raw material. This is our philosophy, during the entire year; grapes are handled with care and always under the supervision of the Technical Department of the winery. In addition, Marqués de Terán controls 80 hectares of vineyards, most of which are located in this municipality of Rioja Alta, the site climate is exceptional due to, on one hand, the singular geography and orientation of the vines and on the other hand, the surrounding climates Mediterranean and Atlantic climates are combined harmoniously creating a suitable climatic site for growing grapes. The vines are quite old and produce low yields, thereby providing top-quality grapes. Marqués de Terán uses the typical grape varieties from the Rioja wine region in order to produce the best wines. These are: Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Mazuelo, but the Tempranillo grape is always the predominant variety. The differentiation is also present in the way of working the vineyard. Therefore, months before the harvest vines are lighten, throwing the required amount of grapes needed to increase the strength of the vine and so that the quality and the production of the crops is reached at its highest point. Once the harvest has come, the total production -550,000 kilograms- is picked manually and the grapes are placed in 17 kilograms boxes to avoid crush. The Grapes arrive at the winery in less than 3 hours since its collection. In this way, the fruit, freshly collected from the strain, comes to Marqués de Terán in the best conditions, avoiding crushing.


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Marqués de Terán (Regalía de Ollauri)

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