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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Tierra de León

Endereço: Avenida de Valencia de Don Juan,
Pajares de los Oteros , Cep:24209
Telefone: +34 987 750 800


Chef executivo:


Bodegas Margón is the result of the passion that has moved Martínez and González families, to produce high quality wines with the Prieto Picudo variety. All our own old vineyards are in Pajares de Los Oteros under the Tierra de León D.O. Bodegas Margón preserves our particular treasure of the most traditional form. Under the brand PRICUM, we commercializes white, rosé and red wines, made with grapes from our centenary vineyards, cared and fussed over as our ancestors did it. During the harvesting all our bush vines are hand picking. Raul Perez is the manager of this project, one of the most international recognized winemakers. Our wine production process marks the difference: Cold area situated on a higher level to receipt the grapes. It permits the raw material can access to the tanks by gravity and with the best temperature conditions. Fermentation tanks in French oak instead of conventional stainless steel tanks. A great selection of French tonnelleries in the cave, impeccable product launch and the master hand of Raúl Pérez Pereira, one of the most recognize and awarder winemarkers. Bodegas Margon's challenge is to get the maximum expression and quality of the Prieto Picudo variety. That is the reason why we have a short production in each wine, offering a high quality Prieto Picudo wines.


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