Gutiérrez de la Vega

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País: Espanha

Região: Alicante

Endereço: Les Quintanes, 1
Telefone: +34 966 403 871


Chef executivo:


The winery is located in a small mountain town in Alicante called Parcent, a place marked by tradition and craftsmanship and the cradle of the first Gutiérrez de la Vega wines. The evolution from that beginning to now is visible, the renewal and innovation is clearly noticeable not only in the wines, but also in the architectural aesthetics, the design of labels and the bottles themselves, although always maintaining the originality and authenticity of the principle. Everything is taken care of in detail, the set of barrels is projected in a cave excavated underground with walls of living stone that give it the humidity and precise temperature for the optimal state of the wine. In addition, the wines of the winery rest on a bed of woods of different types of oak, French, American, Caucasian or Hungarian, often harmonized by a set of musical notes of great authors very varied and valued. In the 70s, Felipe and his wife Pilar settled in an old country house in Jávea to take over the old family vineyards and immerse themselves in the local culture. In an old Cup (lagar), located in the cellar of this house of the S.XIX, they begin their journey, involving and instilling their values and love for the world of wine to their children. In 1982, the winery moved to an old Almazara in Parcent, where they began to market their products that are slowly taking their name nationally and internationally, allowing the family to expand their facilities and increase their production. This is how in 1992 they inaugurated a more functional winery adapted to the new times.


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Gutiérrez de la Vega

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