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País: Espanha

Região: Castile - La Mancha > La Mancha

Endereço: Industrial, D. Polígono Industrial - Ctra. de Alcázar,
Manzanares , Cep:13200
Telefone: +34 926 610 309


Chef executivo:


On March 20 1954, the Jesús del Perdón Cooperative is founded, the result of the need of a group of 102 wine growers in the area to develop and market products derived from their vineyards and to defend themselves from the speculation they were subjected to. At that time, Mr Blas Tello Fdez-Caballero was named honorary member; the Minister of Agriculture, the honorary chairman; Mr Jesús López Peláez, chairman; and Mr Teodoro Sánchez-Migallón, manager. In 1955, the winery is opened, with a capacity of 6,000,000 kg. In 1960, an extension is carried out for 2.1 million litres more. In 1966, Mr Pedro González Román becomes chairman, more land is acquired and the absorption merger with San Isidro Cooperative takes place. In 1967, it expands capacity with 10 million litres more, new unloaders are produced, two scales and 14 more presses are acquired, as well as seven separators. The presentation of wines from the cooperative also takes place at the Feria del Campo fair in Madrid. In 1969, wines start to be bottled at the winery. In 1970, a change of chairman occurs; Mr Pedro Capilla Díaz de López Díaz, mayor of Manzanares and chairman of Caja Rural taking over the post. The Minister of Labour is named honorary member. In 1973, the D.O. Manzanares is requested from the appropriate bodies. Also in that year, it is awarded the gold medal at the Brussels Food Show, and the U.S. Ambassador visits the winery. In 1974, the Yuntero Pálido Manzanares and Yuntero Tinto Fino trademarks are registered. In 1975, work is undertaken for the distillery and for bulk wine loading with RENFE. In 1976, the cooperative undertakes expansion of the bottling line to 4,000 bottles/hour. In 1977, the winery is included in D.O. Mancha. In 1978, a study into the cooling of musts is carried out to improve production and the offices are moved to the winery facilities. In 1990, an absorption merger takes place with the El Porvenir Cooperative . Due to EEC requirements, the wine harvest is brought forward to achieve an increase in acidity of 4.5. In 1991, Mr Sinforoso Fernández-Camuñas Calero becomes chairman. In 1992, the Viña Altair and Viña Tomar trademarks are registered. In 1993, Mr Ramón Alcarazo Peñuelas is named manager and the first organic wine from Castilla la Mancha produced under the Mundo de Yuntero label. In 1994, the presentation ceremony takes place for the Mundo de Yuntero wine, with the presence of the Regional Minister of Agriculture. In 1995, the bottling machinery is modified, expanding to a production of 6,000 bottles/hour. In addition, 800,000 BTU cooling equipment is acquired and the number of stainless steel tanks and barrels are increased. Mr Juan Luis Lozano becomes the new chairman of the cooperative. In 1996, the cooling equipment is increased to 6,000,000 BTU, as well as the acquisition of new heat exchangers. In 1997, the unloaders are replaced by stainless steel hoppers. General modification of the pit through continuous presses and self-emptying tanks. 1999 sees the opening of the wine shop in C/ Virgen. In 2000, there is another absorption merger with the El Progreso Cooperative, a single cooperative remaining in Manzanares: Jesús del Perdón. In 2001, five more self-emptying tanks are added, crates for Crianza and Reserva bottles and isothermal tanks. In 2003, the tasting room is set up and the Cencibel "old vine" variety is selected for Gran Reserva wine. In 2004, organic white wines are made with the Macabeo and Chardonnay varieties. Restructuring in the export department. Increased winery storage capacity with 3,140,000 more litres. Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the winery, with the attendance of local and provincial authorities (President of the Regional Government of Castilla-La Mancha), chairmen of cooperatives, customers, members, etc. In 2005, the producer group for QWpsr wine is formed. New investments to increase competitiveness in markets: tanks, cooling unit, barrels, crates and self-adhesive labelling machine. Certification also achieved in ISO and BRC quality standards. In 2006, the articles of association are amended and adapted to APAS (Agricultural Production Association), being named Jesús del Perdón-Bodegas Yuntero, SCCLM. Mr Félix Cano Diaz is named as the new chairman. In 2007, new investments are achieved for the old winery, a modern facility with 67 stainless steel tanks being created. There is an Australian oenologist for wine production aimed at the UK. In 2008, the Minister of Agriculture makes a visit to the winery. In 2009, the amount of grapes received amounts to 41,000,000 kg, increasing isothermal tanks, must floats and higher capacity barrels.


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