Vega Sicilia

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País: Espanha

Região: Castilla Leon > Ribera del Duero

Endereço: Finca Vega Sicilia,
Valbuena de Duero , Cep:47359
Telefone: +34 983 680 147


Chef executivo:


When Vega Sicilia became part of the Álvarez family's life in 1982, the foundations were laid for Tempos Vega Sicilia. It has constantly and steadily grown since then, involving the introduction of wines produced in different wine-making areas, reaching out to new consumers around the world and laying the foundations for a promising and highly successful future. The driveway to Vega Sicilia is flanked by its splendid Japanese garden, where the visitor is welcomed by the wealth of bamboo, sequoias or maples. The elegant main façade in facing brick, with the main feature being the entrance of what was the chapel of the group of buildings that made up the estate, is on the other side of the drive. As you come out of the back of the building, you enter the entrails of the winery, a series of buildings that house the different production zones. You first come to the winemaking facility, with its stainless steel tanks, in perfect rows, where the Valbuena 5º (which is aged for 5 years) is produced. The second floor is home to the laboratory and control room, where computer calculations are used to control all the processes involved in making the wines. In the same building, but separated by huge sliding doors, there is a type of semi-circular frontispiece with 19 oak tanks where the wines that will have Único - made only in exceptional years and aged for a minimum of 10 years - are fermented. As you leave the winemaking facility, you come to the cooperage building, where under the supervision of the master cooper, and using state-of-the-art machinery, the American oak barrels are made that Vega Sicilia uses to age its wines. There is a series of warehouses adjoining the cooperage building and where the ancillary items - plant health products, packaging, auxiliary machinery, etc - are stored. This all creates a uniform architectural complex where the main emphasis is on tidiness and cleanliness. You then come to the bottling facility, a climate-controlled building with the ideal humidity and temperature for the wine to be in the bottle. The wines are left to rest here after they have been aged in barrels until they are released on the market.


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Vega Sicilia

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